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My Innovation Project: Time for Change

Over the course of this Digital Learning and Leading program, I have been focusing on leading change here at Lamar University. I realized early on that leading change is easier said than done. Change can be difficult but it is

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Refining my Plan, Clarifying my Vision

In the last few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to research information and communications technologies (ICT), specifically mobile learning technology, and how it’s being implementing throughout the world. I want to learn all I can to make sure my mobile

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Planning for success: How we should move forward in our mobile learning initiative

All across the world, countries are implementing information and communication technologies, ICT, as a means to enhance learning in the classroom. Mobile technology is a top trend globally because use of mobile devices is very prevalent. However, mobile learning initiatives

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Promoting the Growth Mindset for Significant Learning

In the last five weeks I’ve been exploring learning theories and their role in creating significant learning environments at Lamar University. I’ve discovered there are many elements that must come together in order to create a learning environment that will

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Designing Courses for Significant Learning

There are many factors to consider when shaping significant learning environments that use current technologies in addition to motivating and engaging the learner. One step in the process is thoughtful consideration of course design for significant learning. Using Fink’s “A

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Leading Change at Lamar

Public domain photo licensed under CC0 1.0 As this course, Leading Organizational Change, comes to a close I can truly say I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to become an effective leader. Bringing about change in an organization

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4DX Strategy and Mobile Learning

Professionals fight a whirlwind of tasks everyday, especially in an educational institution such as Lamar University. Faculty and administration are consumed with the urgent matters at hand, the things that need to be done in order to keep the university

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Utilizing the Influencer Strategy

In my pursuit of change at Lamar University to incorporate mobile learning and BYOD techniques into courses, I hope to implement some of the tactics learned from reading Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change. I have put much thought

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The Why, How and What of Mobile Learning Our Why statement is made up of a few key words that I feel will foster the sense of urgency needed to make this change effort a success for Lamar University. “Cultivating”, in a figurative sense, means improving by

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Moving Forward as a Change Agent

Upon completion of my proposal outline, I started sharing my ideas regarding the mobile learning initiative and BYOD with my colleagues at Lamar. A few of my colleagues are excited about my ideas and have been very supportive. I’m in

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