Course Outline: Fundamentals of Mobile Learning

Currently I am taking a course on Instructional Design in which I am creating a course about mobile learning in education. The course is designed as a professional development course for faculty at my University who may or may not

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Cloud Computing and Collaboration

I’m currently working on an article for publication to share my thoughts on cloud computing and how it can be used for collaboration in education. I’d like to share the video I created to introduce the main ideas and capture

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My Digital Resources Reflection

This week I decided to create a video reflection that describes how I use digital resources for teaching and learning. Digital Technology: Delivering Education Anytime, Anyplace, for Anyone There was a time when teaching and learning were confined to a

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First Ever Digital Learning and Leading Badge!

After successfully completing my Digital Citizenship course last semester, I earned the first ever Digital Learning and Leading badge from Lamar University! Check it out!

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Digital Citizenship Mantra & Reflective Essay

My digital citizenship mantra: Sensible Contributions to Cyberspace Image is licensed under CC0 1.0 Take a look at my Digital Citizenship LiveBinder Presentation My LiveBinder presents facts and issues of digital citizenship. Also, please take a look at my reflective

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Final Reflection on Digital Citizenship

Over the last several weeks I have learned so much about digital citizenship and all that it encompasses. Although I have learned a lot in this course there is still so much more about digital citizenship out there to discover.

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Let’s Put an End to Cyberbullying!

This week I learned a great deal about cyberbullying and the role it plays in our digital society. Cyberbullying has become a real problem which effects children, adolescents, and teenagers. But it doesn’t stop there. In some cases, it effects

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Copyright in Education

Advances in digital technology and the Internet have given rise to issues in the educational realm regarding digital law. Digital law, one of the 9 elements of digital citizenship, deals with using technology ethically and lawfully. Plagiarism, copyright infringement and

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Technology and the Digital Footprint you Leave Behind

This week I took a look at technology and how it effects our digital footprint. Technological advances, the Internet and the proliferation of digital devices have created a digital society in which we all participate. The digital society connects people

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First Look at Digital Citizenship

This week I started a new course in my program that focuses on digital citizenship. I’ve been looking forward to this course because I believe this is an important topic that is sometimes not discussed or taught enough. I learned

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